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Hiawassee, Georgia is majestically set in the Appalachian Mountains. With amazing trout fishing as well as being located near the Applachian and Southern Highroads trails, Hiawassee is a beautiful place to live! Surrounded by mountain lakes and rivers, it boasts over 100 miles of shorelines perfect for boating, fishing, swimming and camping!

Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, Hiawassee can become a beautiful winter wonderland during the cold seasons. And as such, living here can come with some of its own electrical and power problems. Whether it be severe thunderstorms with high winds, or ice/snowstorms that can down powerlines, you will need to be prepared to weather the weather no matter what!

Having worked in this area for over 30 years we know these obstacles and how to plan for them before they become huge problems. If you want a North Georgia electrical contractor that is a part of the community and cares distinctly about each project and knows what needs to be done; Then look no further than your very own Myriad Electrical Contractors, located and serving IN North Georgia!

We are here for you before the lights go off, and when they go out too!

We proudly provide the following Electrical services in hiawassee, Georgia:


You want your electrical project to be completed on time, within scope,  (and of course) in budget. If you agree with us, then give us a call today. We are eager and waiting to walk you through our simple yet thorough process of exactly how we will take care of your project!

When your lights NEED to be on, Myriad Electrical Contractors has the POWER to get it done!